SLINKY Sand – Like slime, but non-sticky and completely eco-friendly

As a parent, I remember the ‘slime phase’ with a grim smile. I’m all up for messy play, but this goo craze that swept the nation was a complete nightmare. It managed to get everywhere despite our best efforts to contain the gloop. We had incidences of it in hair and clothes and worst still, our new bedroom carpet still bears the stain. Worse still, I couldn’t understand what some of it was made of and heard the word ‘toxic’ so many times from other concerned parents in the playground that it was eventually banned in our house.

So now imagine the same fun, tactile sensory play type of toy, but without the goo! Our brand new SLINKY sand is unbelievable to hold. It’s light and soft and slips and slides, but it’s completely dry.


Don’t get me wrong; it’s still a form of messy play, but it doesn’t stick to everything and make a gooey puddle on your carpet. It’s just wonderfully fun to play with. You honestly find it hard to put down. What is more…it’s eco-friendly! That’s right, no nasties at all. It’s made of sand and silica and dyes.

Before it was ready for release, we took samples to the London Toy Exhibition (pre-Covid) and the child bloggers and influencers that tested it came back time and time again to play with it. On returning for the fourth time that day, one young lady’s Dad told us his daughter had said it was the best thing at the entire show. That’s over 1000 exhibitors with all their fancy toys and games, and ours was the best. We gave her a free tub and smiled all the way back to Somerset.

Slinky comes in a range of dazzling colours including RED, BLUE, PINK, GREEN, YELLOW and PURPLE, either in resealable tubs or pouches, both of which are recyclable.