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Smooshy Glow Sand – 1 x 300g/2.5kg/5kg Tub


300g, 2.5kg or 5kg Tub of Smooshy Glow Sand. A glow in the dark, kinetic magic sand in luminous green – includes FREE mini torch to make it glow!

An environmentally friendly, luminous kinetic magic sand that glows in the dark. To activate the glow in the dark luminous green sand grains, simply hold Smooshy Glow Sand under a lamp or shine a torch onto it, flick off the lights and there you glow!


A super cool, eco-friendly, kinetic magic sand that actually glows in the dark when you shine a light on it!  Smooshy Glow Sand feels just like our popular Smooshy magic sand, but it’s luminous green and it glows – includes FREE mini torch to make it glow!

To activate the glowing luminous green sand grains, simply hold it under a lamp or shine a torch onto it, flick off the lights and there you glow!!

Squeeze it, mould it, light it up and let it fall through your fingers – you won’t be able to put it down. Mould into a ball and then watch the magical glow-in-the-dark magic sand flow through your fingers as if it were alive. You can even write in the sand with our Smooshy Glow mini torch!

Smooshy Glow Sand is soft and lightweight, eco-friendly and easy to clean up (we do recommend using it on a tray or plate to help contain it).

Our glow in the dark magic sand comes in a vibrant luminous green and is supplied with a free mini torch so you can play straight away… it’s out of this world.

Smooshy Glow magic sand is soft and silky – hold it then watch the magic as it melts through your fingers. Motion, moving magic sand is loved by kids of all ages and adults love playing with it too. Perfect for pre-school, playgroups and nurseries for sensory play and crafts, toddlers love using our magic  sand to build sand castles. Older kids will also enjoy using our glow in the dark sand to make sand shapes then chop and slice them up – super soothing and satisfying.

Not only will magic Smooshy Glow Sand inspire children’s creativity and imagination, it’s a great sensory craft for both adults and children alike – working with the moving sand can help reduce stress and produce a calming effect. It’s a great activity which can be used all year round, keeping children entertained for hours – they will never want to put it down. Cleaning up the magic sand is easy, because it sticks to itself when compressed.

Clean, Safe, Fun for all ages – Our magic Smooshy sand ever dries out – Inspire children’s creativity and imagination – Superb sensory toy – helps reduce stress.

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300g, 2.5kg, 5kg


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