Slinky Sand Dry Slime

Stress Reducing Sensory Dry Slime

Super light and wonderfully tactile, Slinky Sand is an unbelievably soft sensory toy. You quite literally have to feel it to believe it…think SLIME WITHOUT THE GOO! It’s made of sand so it’s dry, but it moves and flows just like slime. Slinky dry slime is a great sensory toy for both adults and children alike – working with the moving sand can help reduce stress and produce a calming effect.

Our Slinky Sand is an eco-friendly, coloured magic dry slime, made of 100% natural minerals. Slinky dry slime is the perfect pocket money toy and kids just don’t want to put it down! Like a dry slime, slinky sand is a great stress-buster for grown-ups too. It’s a great activity which can be used all year round, keeping children entertained for hours.

Available in Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple and Red Slinky Sand.