Flubbadoh Air Dry Modelling Clay

Feels like Play Dough, Dries Like Modelling Clay

Flubbadoh is a flubbatastic super light weight modelling clay – easy for kids of all ages to squeeze and mould. It feels like a light play dough, but self hardens like a clay. Roll it, stretch it, squish it or mould it into anything you can dream of. You can also paint or glue decorations such as googly eyes or feathers to your clay models.

Our play dough is soft, flexible, fun and easy for kids of all ages to shape and model their clay creations. Flubbadoh air dry modelling clay is fast drying and clean to use, leaving no residue on your hands. Once the play dough air dries, it holds its shape and can be drawn on, painted or varnished. Our self hardening clay is also environmentally friendly and non toxic.