Our Story

Rainbow Eco Products was founded in 2011 by owner and Managing Director, Bob Croker. He started out by building a slightly bonkers Wallace-and-Gromit-style sand colouring machine in an old cattle shed on his family farm in the beautiful Somerset countryside. Bob is our very own nutty professor; he loves to invent creative and exciting products.

With Bob’s keen interest in minerals, Rainbow went from strength to strength and he soon found a niche market for specialist sand-based products. The next few years of investing in machinery and infrastructure has given us the capacity to manufacture an extensive range of sand products across various sectors. He is now known as “the Sand Man” and he is always looking for ways to expand the Rainbow Eco range.

Today we are very proud to be market leaders in specialist sand-based and eco-friendly products for crafts, toys, sports and construction in the UK, processing over 40,000 tonnes of sand a year. You’ll be amazed where you can find our sands all across the world.

Did you know...?

The world record for the tallest sandcastle ever built was a whopping 17.65m

The earth has roughly (and we’re speaking very roughly here) seven quintillion grains of sand, or five hundred quadrillion grains

Recycling one tonne of paper can save 17 trees

A pair of jeans contains an average of 8 recycled plastic bottles

Funny Stuff

What did the dog say when he sat down on sand paper?


Rainbows that break the law…

End up going to Prism!

What would you find on a haunted beach?

A sand-witch!

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