ASMR Activities – What IS all the Fuss About?

Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR as it’s commonly known, is a term you may have stumbled across when surfing the web in recent years, particularly on social media sites. It’s explained as a calming pleasurable feeling, often accompanied by a tingling sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. Some folks call it a “brain massage” which sounds wonderfully therapeutic and has been reported to help ease symptoms of certain medical conditions such as migraine and ADHD.


This sensation is an automatic response to audio-visual triggers (that’s sights and sounds to you and me). Videos with crisp sounds such as crunching, tapping or popping are close to the top of the list, but studies have shown whispers to be the most popular. Sounds and videos are often repetitive and slow motion, and of a placid, innocuous nature inducing a calming effect on both body and mind.

There’s not a lot of science behind it just yet, but the sheer numbers of people getting involved and finding a calm place speaks volumes. YouTube is saturated with such videos (other platforms are available) with subscribers in their millions to specific ASMR channels.  It is so popular in fact that it comes more highly ranked on Google searches than chocolate.

Smooshy Sand & ASMR

Hopefully by now you know all about our sensational sensory Smooshy Sand. It’s eco-friendly magic sand of the kinetic variety that is simply fabulous to play with. You can mould it into your traditional castles, or blocks, balls, ice cube trays…really anything goes, then take delight in squishing, chopping or even scooping it like ice cream. It holds its shape until you apply pressure with your hands or use a tool of some description, then it’s magically falls away and moves as if it were alive.

Our social media channels have lots of videos for your viewing pleasure which demonstrate this rather unusual phenomenon. You have the pleasure of hearing the sand being chopped, scooped or sliced which, together with the visual effect of the slow-moving sand, is an oddly satisfying combination. We call it sandisfying!