Use our Flubbadoh modelling dough to create a clock to practice numbers and telling the time

You will need….

  1. A set of Flubbadoh modelling dough
  2. A piece of card/cardboard/paper plate
  3. A rolling pin
  4. Number shape cutters or a play dough knife
  5. A paint brush
  6. PVA glue
  7. A lolly stick
  8. A pair of scissors


Firstly start by rolling out your chosen Flubbadoh colours to around 1cm thickness.


Next you want to cut out all the numbers that you will need for your clock. You can either do this with a set of number cutters or you can draw the numbers and cut them free hand. (This is also a great opportunity for some number practice, try getting little ones to count through all the numbers that you will need for you clock.)


Once you have all your clock numbers cut out, turn them all upside down and using your paint brush, paint the backs of them with your PVA glue.

Now it’s time to stick your clock numbers in place on your card. Start with 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock so that you know you have the right spacing for all of your numbers.

Next chop your lolly stick into your two clock hands. You want to have one longer piece and one shorter piece. One for the hour hand and one for the minute hand.

There you have it! Your Flubbadoh Time Practice Clock!